Jamie Redgate grew up on the north edge of Scotland. He moved south to study English at the University of Strathclyde, and from there to the University of Glasgow to do an MLitt in American Studies and, finally, a PhD in English Literature, which was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and completed in 2018. The resulting book, Wallace and I (2019), is now available in paperback from Routledge.

I was blown away by it. It’s a complete map of Wallace’s vision of cognition, and it’s just really accessible and smart, so, look for that one.

—Prof. Marshall Boswell, Concavity Show #46.

This elegant volume is a tour de force, cleanly argued, thoroughly grounded, and written with the kind of refreshing lucidity that many seasoned academics struggle to employ.

—Dr Clare Hayes-Brady, The Journal of David Foster Wallace Studies 1:3.

Jamie teaches Literature at the University of Glasgow (and, for a semester in 2023, at the University of Stirling), where he is working on a second monograph tentatively titled Meatfiction: The Treatment of Animals in the Contemporary Novel. Jamie’s essays (on everything from Tolkien to tennis) have been published by Cambridge University Press, Electric Literature, Unwinnable, Extra Teeth, and elsewhere, while his fiction has been published twice by Gutter: The Magazine of New Scottish Writing, longlisted for the Blinkpot Award, won third prize in the Imprint Writing Competition, and been chosen as the “Best of 2021” by The Rush. In 2022 he was longlisted for the prestigious Moniack Mhor Emerging Writer Award.

Jamie lives near Glasgow with his wife and daughter.

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